Ride a Camel in the Sahara Desert

You haven’t completely traveled to Morocco if you don’t pay a visit to the desert, so head to Merzouga for a full tour. We’ve all seen the stunning pictures of the incredible Moroccan sand dunes complete with a warm orange glow and camels in the distance. If you haven’t, then take a look, it’s a pretty amazing sight!

If you want to spend a night in the desert, riding a camel or hiking, and sleeping under the stars, visit the little village of Merzouga in the east and get yourself a guide. You can arrange this in Marrakech if you’d rather as it takes up to 10 hours to drive to this village at the Algerian borders.

For 1 to 3 nights, you can spend your days exploring the extreme terrain finished off with a comfortable sleep in your luxury desert camp. We have various tours from Fes to Marrakesh which include a night in the Sahara Desert and is one of the highlights of our two-week trip.