Morocco Weather

It gets quite unbearably hot during a few months in Morocco, so the best time to visit is said to be in the Spring as you can reap the benefits of the Summer climate in the South and in the mountains, as well as on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

Low Season (May to Sep) – Summertime in Morocco is extremely hot with average highs hitting triple digits, yet in those three Summer months, tourists will flock here and room rates with skyrocket. In May and September, you will be able to find discounts in accommodation souqs. If you travel during this time, be mindful of the weather, drink plenty of water and follow the locals’ lead by staying in the shade from noon to 3 p.m.

Shoulder Seasons (April & Oct) – With cooler weather, the shoulder months are great for exploring the main cities and avoiding the crowds, however, make sure to pack an umbrella just in case of unexpected showers in April. April sees temperatures to 70s to 80s while October will bring temperatures in the range of 40s to 90s. In these seasons, the landscape is lush and green, and in October, summer crowds wane and budget-friendlier room rates can be found.

High Season (Nov-March) – Although the temperatures may reach highs of 60 and 70 in the day, expect it to plummet into the 40s come nightfall. The most popular season, tourists flock here for sport and Christmas events (did you know you can ski in Morroco?) Although it is less popular, there is something beautiful about driving through the Atlas mountains and seeing it covered with snow!